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Our Best Intentions, 2013

Einat Amir’s Our Best Intentions is a two version work – a video installation and a live performance. Taking place in a family room, a bedroom, a workroom, and a dining room, where 20 participants were divided into 4 groups, each was placed in one of the domestic areas and was assigned with a group moderator. Each moderator came from a different professional background ranging from psychotherapy to performing arts. The moderators guide separate sessions with their groups. The sessions take place in succession, and while each one occurs, the other three groups observe.

Our Best Intentions offers viewers a unique experience in art, therapy and theater, and the unusual opportunity to serve as both active protagonists and passive observers. The project also introduces a relationship between video and performance art in which each component is a separate work based on the same concept. The video installation presents the “director’s vision” of the performance: shot in a film studio, directed, and edited. The live performance, in contrast, is unpredictable and dependent on audience participation and collaboration.

Our Best Intentions creates a controlled environment in which one comes across authentic encounters between people who are encouraged to use personal stories and memories to deal with unresolved issues, form momentary intimate connections with strangers, and reveal themselves in unexpected ways. Audience members are welcome to attend both the live performance and the video installation in order to compare their experiences.

Our Best Intentions was presented in New York on November 2013 as one of the eight premieres of PERFORMA13, The Fifth Biennial for Visual Art Performance In New York City, 2013. Other premieres included works by Joan Jonas and Jerome Bel among others.

Our Best Intentions was also shown at the Petach Tikva Museum in Israel, from October 2013 through January 2014

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