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"________ Please", ongoing since 2009

“_____ Please” is a series of documented performances by Einat Amir that are taking place in multiple countries over the world. For Each of these performances, Amir is hiring a local actor to perform with her in the local language. Each performance takes place in a local gallery opening, where Amir and the chosen actor are walking arm in arm among the opening’s crowd. The actor converses with the guests, while Amir remains in complete silence. These performances are unscripted – a total improvisation. The actors is always instructed to say whatever he wants, and to behave in any way he likes, with only one rule – he needs to refer to himself as “the art work”, and to Amir, who clings to his arm, as “The Artist” who created him. these performances are screened simultaneously, allowing the audience a unique opportunity to observe different art scenes and  different actors performing the same role, in a situation that has the same rules, but appears very different in each place it accrues.

This is an ongoing project. There are 3 performances that where already shot and are currently available for display: “John Please” – New York, Josh Please – Tel Aviv, Aldo Please – Rome.

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