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Boi, 2004

“Boi” was filmed during the “Jerusalem Day” celebrations in Jerusalem.  This day marks the conquest of the old city  of Jerusalem by the Israeli forces in 1967.  These celebrations clearly combine religious faith with political belief.  On this day, young religious Jewish men and women dressed in white and carrying Israeli flags parade from the center of town towards the Wailing Wall.

Einat Amir arrives at the event in search of a bride.  From the first moment it is clear that she don’t belong. The presence of her persona seems to be disturbing and provokes questions:  Is s/he one of the “Boys”, or the “Girls”?  Why does s/he come to a place where s/he is clearly unwanted?
This action examines anew the whole situation and sheds a different light on it. From the private place that touches the heart, it emphasizes the political complexity, and challenges almost all possible categories of identity and belonging.

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