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Enough About You, 2011

Einat Amir’s performance Enough About You is inspired by new possibilities of virtual socializing, alternative relationships platforms and instant intimacies offered by contemporary social media. In a world in which we can read stranger’s diaries and view their private family albums, in a world in which we can formulate intimate opinions on people before we actually meet them– Amir’s performance offers a lab-like situation inside an art space, where one can observe authentic moments of emotional encounters between two complete strangers, controlled and guided by a set of pre-recorded directions. The installation consists of five sound-proof white units with a glass front. For each performance only twenty people will be invited to enter the room at each time. A host will select half of the viewers and ask them to enter the units, two in each, facing each other. The pairs will be visible from outside the units to the remaining spectators. A set of directions will then be played inside the units and will not be heard by the spectators in the room. Enough About You reveals the ways in which we encounter and relate to other people in the most constructed and manipulated circumstances, while the boundaries between performance and authenticity are completely blurred.

The work was first exhibited at Lilith Performance Studio, Sweden.

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