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Coming Soon Near You, 2011

Coming Soon Near You is a site specific project, combining local materials, local people and local histories. It captures an image of the local community in a unique way - it invites its members to present their choices of moving images, and also to present themselves. The project was exhibited in Dallas Contemporary, Texas 2011.

The community is invited (one person at a time) to sit and watch a video of their choice on a giant plasma screen inside a “living room” installation. The “living room” is designed as a quirky “island” - existing within a museum’s white cube context, it is composed of worn down, out of fashion furniture, all bought from local thrift stores, that look out of place in this high culture


This living room installation is a sort of a nostalgic monument of local domestic aesthetics, a taste of the past. The outdated shabby living room’s appearance clashes with the giant plasma screen, slim and modern looking. The public is invited to register in advance, online or in the exhibition space itself (on a bulletin board located in the living room), with their full name the date and movie of their choice. The movie can be anything (a feature film, a tv series episode, a wedding video, an old home movie,

etc - as long as it is not age restricted.)

One person will be selected for each day of the exhibition. That person will arrive at an appointed time to sit in the “living room” and watch the video they brought with them from home. This person will be served with a snack and a soft drink by an employee of the venue. The selected person will be directed sit down and watch the video from start to finish. That is the only instruction they will get. The visitors will be welcomed to join and watch with the person seated. A schedule will be published on the venue’s website, stating the names of all participants along with their video titles, so visitors could also plan to come on a specific day and

time to watch a specific video.

The work was exhibited at Dallas Contemporary art Center, Texas

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